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All Over Face Colors

All Over Face Colors
  • Bare Radiance - Sheer amber nude with soft shimmer
  • Clear Radiance – Pale skin tone, like a pinker version of Bisque, except much more transparent and some shimmer. It can be used alone, under or over foundation, or applied on top of any blush.24144.1
  • Faux Tan - Deep bronze, the color of Faux Tan Self-Tanner
  • Glee – A cool rosy color, similar to Thistle. Mimics the look of a blissful natural joyful blush.24145.1
  • Gossamer - description pending
  • Rose Radiance - Only slightly glimmery, this newest entry into the all over face color family is a lovely blushing neutral rose color. Both peach and pink glints can be seen in the color, and it's not as sparkly as True, Warm Radiance, or Clear Radiance. This is the subtle sister in the All Over Face Color family. Foiling this color liberates it slightly irridescent glaze.
  • Soft Focus Glee - Finely milled, less sparkly version of Glee
  • Soft Focus True - Finely milled, less sparkly version of True
  • Soft Focus Warmth - Finely milled, sheerer version of Warmth
  • Trudy - description pending
  • True – Warm dusky rose shot through with golden gliimmer.24437.1
  • Warm Radiance - Warm Radiance is a perfect sunkissed give-me-a-suntanned-look kind of mineral. It's warm and peachy and gives a healthy sheen to the skin without looking harsh, orange, or shiny from chunky glimmery pieces. It buffs into the skin like a dream, becoming softer and more naturally tanned looking the longer you buff. The consistency is very finely milled. This is Warmth without the edge -- mellow and forgiving and subtle. 26989.1
  • Warmth – Deep, warm bronze; for the look of skin that’s freshly kissed by the sun.24147.1

    Utility Colors

  • Bisque – A cool version of flesh tone, very opaque, and makes a great concealer.
  • Summer Bisque – The warmer version of Bisque, equally as opaque, and a great concealer for warm toned skin. Lighter than Foundation #2 (Light).
  • Chisel It – Use this color to define and contour areas you would like to minimize in appearance.
  • Emphasize It – Use this color to highlight areas on which you’d like to focus light and attention.
  • Well Lit - description pending

    Blush Colors

  • Aubergine – A surprisingly workable-for-most peachy/rosy plum. Part of the QVC Auto-delivery program.24148.1
  • Beauty – A cool true pink, soft in intensity.24150.1
  • Blushing Beauty - Blend of Beauty and Blush
  • Blush Pearl – Pale shimmery blushing pink.24151.1
  • Bronze – Warm coppery bronze.24152.1
  • Chestnut – A rich mahogany glittered with gold. Part of the QVC Auto-delivery program.24153.1
  • Compassion - description pending
  • Crushed Velvet – A vivid, bright burgundy with a slightly warm shimmer. Part of the QVC Auto-delivery program.24154.1
  • Dawn – Salmon pink, on the warm side.24155.1
  • Dusk – Warm, neutral peachy pink, paler and more coral than Warmth, but more brown than Dawn.24156.1
  • Escape - description pending
  • Flowers – Bright, clear pink carnation.24157.1
  • Fresh – Mid-intensity, very warm peach.24158.1
  • Fruit Cocktail - A bright, cool strawberry pink which has no apparent glimmer in the pot, but which applies to the skin with a satin gleam when buffed. Although it looks very intense in the pot, the application results in a nice soft, sheer finish that would be suitable for even the lightest skin tone. This would also be beautiful as an eye shadow and as a lip color.24159.1
  • Giddy Pink – Light pink with a slight warm undertone, it resembles a marriage of Beauty and Flowers.24160.1
  • Glory – Similar to Dusk, but a bit less warm, a great neutral rose/peach.24161.1
  • Golden Gate – This blush is a darker version of Sorbet, a mid-toned pink to peach blush that is excellent for pale-skinned cool ladies.24162.1
  • Harvest – Discontinued. No description available.24163.1
  • Heaven – Light and very cool lilac/orchid/purple.24164.1
  • Hint – Pearly, slightly shimmery mid-range pink, as if it were a combination of Beauty and Blush Pearl. Part of the QVC Auto-delivery program.24165.1
  • Hint of Truth - Soft coral, blend of Hint and True
  • Horizon – A true medium intensity coral, which applies as a muted ripe peachskin color. There is no shimmer or glimmer, just a soft velvet matte finish. For those who are looking for a great coral lip color, this could be the one to pair with your gloss for a stunning coral lip.24169.1
  • I'm Amused Rouge – “Dirty” cool dark mauvey pink.24169.1
  • Joyous Jennifer – Clear Radiance with a suntan! Natural sunkissed pink with a slight shimmer good for most lighter skin tones.24170.1
  • Kiss - This blush has the bashful satiny sheen of a bushing six year old who's just gotten a kiss on the cheek from her first true love. It's a light, transparent, slightly glimmery baby rose pink that just whispers innocence. What Sorbet is to peach, Kiss blush is to pink.24695.1
  • Laughter Coral rose
  • Lovely - Sheer medium rosy peach subtly shot through with rose gold shimmer. You'll love it on your lips as much as on your cheeks.
  • Maple – Looks like a rosier version of Warmth, spicy and warm.24171.1
  • Morning Blush - Warm pale peach, this blush is fairly heavily pigmented so that it isn't overly sheer, but it is not necessarily overly dark and is very matte. This would also make a great eye shadow and lip color.
  • Poppy - description pending
  • Port – A rich, dark plum jam color, like the wine.24173.1
  • R.S.V.P. - This blush is a marriage of a soft light copper and a dark warm peach. It has a golden shimmer to it and is more brown in tone than orange, though it is a warm color. In depth of color, it's very similar to #5 (Dark) Foundation, although it has warmer golden rather than pink undertones.24174.1
  • Secret - Sshhhhh! Don't tell anyone how pretty and pink this blush is! In the pot, it's a medium dark, cool toned pink. Like the prettiest and freshest pink rose petals. But, you put it on your cheeks and it flushes into a lovely sheer kiss of pink. It's neither bright nor intense on the cheeks, but decidedly on the cool side with it's blue undertones. Foiled, this blush has a more pronounced intensity, so pair it on your lips as both a liner and a lip color with clear gloss when you wear this blush on your cheeks. 30011.1
  • Sedona – The soft red/terracotta/browns of the desert, bringing to mind the beautiful painted rocks.24175.1
  • Sorbet – Soft and pale peachy pink, a lighter version of Golden Gate.24176.1
  • Sun Kissed - Sun Kissed is the color of that "just right before it turns to sunburned" peach that you see on cheeks freshly bronzed from the sun. Think of Bo Derek in "10". You can be a 10 too with this peachy suntan in a pot.
  • Thistle – Very much like True without the glimmer. Warmer in tone than Glee, a light brownish pink.24177.1
  • Tranquil - description pending
  • Trendsetter - Trendsetter Blush is a warm spiced peach. With this color, you can get that instant "I've been out in the sun" look on your cheeks and nose anytime you want. It is a lighter version of Vogue Eye Shadow, and like Vogue, is very matte.
  • True Beauty - Blend of Beauty and True
  • Tulip – Bright and clear, red headed toward coral.24178.1
  • Velvet – Warm, clear coral with no brown undertones. This blush is like Tulip plus Flowers, only a shade or so darker. There is a very slight luminous quality to the blush, and it applies to the skin a peachier color than it appears.24179.1

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